In-Season Programs

All sports require flexibility, power, speed/agility, strength, and stamina.  It is our job to keep athlete’s in the game and healthy by helping them maintain these physical qualities developed in the off-season.  Our In-Season Training Program will help each athlete feel their best when they need it late in the season and allow them to outlast their competition. Here are a couple benefits of training while in-season:

  • Improves strength, speed, and power
  • Requires as little as 1 day per week for results to be achieved
  • Reduces likelihood of sports-related injuries

Our goal is to reduce the potential for injury for our athletes.  Each 60 minute session will include these physical components:

  • Warm-Up –  methods to physically prepare your body for competition
  • Flexibility – to restore/maintain healthy function of soft-tissue
  • Prehab – our program will focus on a combination of mobility and stability exercises for the ankle, hip, knee, back, and shoulder.
  • Strength – functional strength for upper body, lower body and core
  • Nutrition Tips – ways to refuel and recover for practices and games to enhance performance on and off the field.

Fall Session 9/9 – 11/18 (11 Weeks)


1 Day a Week: $220 (Saturday)



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