Adult Fitness

As an Adult: our programs at TOP Fitness are designed to help you move better and feel healthier than ever before. Each program is modified for your training level. Our program and our community will motivate and encourage you to work hard and be your best.

We design well-rounded programs to ensure health and longevity for our adult clients and athletes alike. Our programs are led from start to finish by a coach who will show and tell you how to correctly execute your workout.

Each session will include:

  • WARM UP – soft tissue (Foam Rolling), joint mobility, muscle activation to prepare your body for physical activity.
  • STRENGTH – Circuits incorporating multiplanar movements that focus on lower body, upper body, and core strength.
  • CONDITIONING – You will always finish the hour with conditioning which can be anything from pushing sleds, to riding bikes, to treadmill runs to improve your cardiovascular health.

Our goal is to reduce the potential for injury for our clients. Our proactive approach to keeping your body moving will place an emphasis on:

  • Mobility of the ankle, hip, and thoracic spine
  • Stability of the knee, back, and shoulder

Spring session 2024 – (13 Weeks)

Dates: March 18 – June 14, 2024
2 Days/Week: $500.00 (Mon & Wed – 5:30am, 6:30am, 7:30am, 6:30pm, or Tu/Th 7:40am)
3 Days/Week: $635.00 (Mon, Wed, & Fri – 5:30am, 6:30am, 7:30am)

Summer session 2024 – (10 Weeks)

Dates: June 17 – August 29th, 2024
2 Days/Week: $400.00 (Mon & Wed – 5:30am, 6:30am, 6:30pm, or Tu/Th 7:40am)
3 Days/Week: $515.00 (Mon, Wed, & Fri – 5:30am, 6:30am)

*Closed: July 4 & 5th*

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