Return To Play – Athlete Bridge Training

Nobody wants to be injured, but unfortunately injuries happen. Our Return to Play Program integrates our performance program into the continuum of care, allowing athletes currently in physical therapy or still recovering from injury to begin training their body to return to sport. Training is individualized with guidance from the athlete’s physician and/or physical therapist.

Working with your Surgeon, Physical Therapist, and Sport coach we help create a plan/guide to help an athlete go from rehab to strength & performance in the gym, to return to play/practice, then ultimately return to competitive sports and high-level performance. 

The Return to Play program offers a safe, supervised, stepwise progression back to the demands of each athlete’s sport. It also assists the athlete to be more prepared both physically and mentally to return to competition. Our goal is to facilitate a return at or above the athlete’s previous level of performance, while also decreasing their risk of re-injury.

What to Expect:

Before starting any program, we start with a consultation which includes a Functional Movement and Y Balance screen to get a movement baseline. We also gather additional information such as, date of surgery, current progress since the injury, and individual goal so we can create an individualized plan for each athlete. 

After gathering information about the athlete, we come up with the training plan that is induvial to each client based on their current rehab.  As part of progressing, we make sure each athlete reaches specific milestones before moving on to more demanding exercises and phases of their RTP program.  Once certain milestones are achieved clients will continue moving forward to more challenging movements that get them closer to meeting the physical demands needed for their sport.

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