Golf Fitness

“As a Golfer” you have specific needs when it comes to the demand of your sport.  In order make sure your body is moving optimally we start with a “Golf Specific” Physical screening that was developed by the Titleist Golf Performance Institute.  Once we have identified your strengths and physical limitations, we now take your on-course goals and can create a roadmap for your training.

Golf is a unique sport with specific movements and physical requirements.  Our golf fitness groups are designed to help you be in the best shape for your upcoming golf season.  Each session you will train in a small group (4-6) with other golfers who have the same goals in mind, play better and feel better.  We provide a unique style of golf specific training that integrates functional training, core strengthening, and athletic conditioning.  We will help improve your mobility, decrease the incidence of injury, and help improve your distance and consistency. 

Each Training session will include:

  • WARM UP – soft tissue (Foam Rolling), joint mobility, muscle activation to prepare your body for physical activity.
  • EXPLOSIVE POWER – Plyometrics and Med Ball Training for rotational power.
  • STRENGTH – Circuits incorporating multiplanar movements that focus on lower body, upper body, and core strength.
  • CONDITIONING – for cardiovascular health and to help you play 18 holes or endure playing in a week long tournament.
  • INJURY REDUCTION – our rehab exercises are incorporated into our warm up or seamlessly integrated into the strength routine to regularly correct muscular Imbalances, improve balance & stabilization

All the lessons in the world won’t help if you have physical limitations holding you back!   Call or email us now to set up your golf screening and join one of our groups today!

Spring session – 2024 (12 Weeks)

Dates: March 18 – June 14, 2024
2 Days/Week: $480.00 (Mon & Wed – 12pm or Tues/Thurs – 6am, 6:40am, 6pm)

Summer session – 2024 (11 Weeks)

Dates: June 17 – August 29th, 2024
2 Days/Week: $440.00 (Mon & Wed -12pm OR Tues/Thurs – 6am, 6:40am, 6pm)
1 Days/Week: $250.00 (Mon & Wed -12pm OR Tues/Thurs – 6am, 6:40am, 6pm)

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